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Weekend Fun- in pictures and video!

>> Monday, June 26, 2006

We were out of town this weekend for a family reunion (my family). We stayed at the historic farm where it was being held in southwest Iowa. Together, with other parts of the family, we rented the entire "village". Much fun was had and I am still quite exhausted so I will give you pictures with captions.

Here are Brenna and her cousin Koen, exhausted after a full day of play and food, relaxing and watching Toy Story before going to bed.

Brenna plays hula hoop with a frisbee.

The baby Mozarts playing piano in the one room school house.

The water baby on the slip & slide.

Slip & slide video

Today Brenna learned that corn tastes best on the cob.

Seriously, once she gets it, she really gets it.

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