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Hangin' With The Chilins'

>> Friday, June 09, 2006

Cousin Koen is usually at daycare while his parents are at work. Except when his provider takes a day or two off. Then he comes to visit Brenna & me.

We get Koen twice this week. Yesterday, which explains why I wasn't online at all, and today, which has dawned chilly and grey so I have turned on Toy Story in the hopes that it will occupy them for at least a little while.

So far it isn't working. There is much more fun to be had in the joining room with me. Never mind that the main part of the basement is full of toys and things suitable to jump on. Noooo, the funnest place is in the office digging through the bag of recycling and the shelves of books.

This may be a long day...

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