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>> Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I am interrupting what I am sure would be a day three rerun of the potty diaries. Yes, I know you were expecting potty talk, if you must know how today goes just check out yesterday's post.

Last night I dragged Doug out to see Glenn Beck's Midlife Crisis Tour. If I can say one thing to anyone considering seeing him- GO! Honestly, it was a great show. He was the Glenn Beck of the radio show, not the TV show, which I, admittedly, haven't warmed to yet. Although I will say that Glenn is much thinner and taller than he appears on TV.

I was able to get second row tickets, up close and personal. If he hadn't trimmed his nose hair we would have noticed. Glenn is very engaging and made eye contact with the audience. There were many times that I felt like he was talking directly to us.

The first half of the show was full of life's observations and many laughs. The second half began with a tear-jerker of a video and was much more personal and emotional. Hmmm... "the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment..."

What really came out in the show was how much he loves his family. He spoke at length about his wife, Tanya, and his four kids. Sometimes he would tear up and you could tell it was pure emotion and love.

After the show Glenn was in the lobby, shaking hands, signing autographs and posing for pictures.

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I got to tell him that Brenna is his son Ralph's (pronounced Raif) age and he touched my belly and wished us well with the upcoming bundle of joy. He didn't rush people by, and was just so sincere. I heard him say that he stays until the very last person is gone.

Really, just a nice, genuine person.

So I'm listening to Glenn on the radio today and he gave Iowa a great compliment. He said that Iowa has some of the most beautiful women he has ever seen...natural, healthy and glowing. :)

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