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The Potty Journals- Day 2

>> Tuesday, June 13, 2006

15 minutes on...

30 minutes off...

15 minutes on...

30 minutes off...

And that is the schedule my morning has taken since the diaper came off and the potty training pants went on this morning.

Brenna has been sitting nicely on the potty with her books, her Leap- with potty cartridge inserted, or shredding toilet paper (a small sacrifice to the potty gods). (I got the Leap for $8.99 on clearance at Target. Bargain, baby!) No bribery necessary- which leaves TKW in awe. Who knows, maybe a bit of bribery would make something happen?

Brenna continues to work on her control as there has been nothing in the potty or the pants.

Ah, I hear the alarm calling us back to the potty. After a quick message from Brenna:

hn;.h,hg,b hm fjhjngfhtfryt sdjklz5ui yojy77


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