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We're Just Fun Havin' People

>> Friday, October 24, 2008

Yeah, I know we just got home but there was fun happening in the uptown area of my suburb. The Historical Society and some of the Uptown Merchants got together to host a Trick or Treat- a week early.

The girls were very excited to put on their costumes and get treats!

Trick or Treat

Brenna, my performer, would tell a joke for her treats and Caelan, after she got warmed up, would yell, "Trick or treat!" The shop owners were all so welcoming and raved over every child that walked in.

Trick or Treat Uptown

It was great promotion for the businesses that participated. I got fliers and little gifts, too! And one of the local photography studios took professional photos:

After collecting all the treats we went to the historical society and listened to a story teller! She was great at interacting with the kids. Brenna would yell out answers to her questions; Caelan was enthralled.

Trick or Treat Uptown

I had two exhausted little girls tonight! Nary a peep after we put them to bed.

Hey- if you're taking photos this Halloween be sure to check out my HP Photo Contest!


The Fritz Facts 8:37 AM  

How fun!! The girls look like they just had a blast.

Melody 5:31 PM  

It looks like it was a lot of fun. We have a party tomorrow at our library that I am hoping to take the little guys to.

We have to get our money's worth out of the costume. :)

Anonymous 6:23 PM  

Too cute! Love the girls' costumes!

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