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I'm Not Saying We're Sensitive

>> Friday, October 24, 2008

OK, yes, I am. Well, our skin is. And I’ll just let you know that when my girls’ skin is very dry or even having a bad outbreak of eczema there is nothing I won’t do for them. And I can’t give them the steroid cream the doctor prescribes for my bad flare-ups.

With winter coming on- a time of dry skin which only worsens the condition- I wanted to share a new find with any of you mommies who might have sensitive skinned kidlets.
Mustela skin care is specialized for infants, babies and pregnancy, but don’t let that limit your useage. For incredibly dry skin or eczema you need to check out their Stelatopia line- especially the milky bath oil. It’s great at relieving the itch and helping to soothe irritations. And for sensitive skin the Stelaprotect line protects the most sensitive of skins from irritants.

I also want to share their “Parent’s Corner” with you. It’s has a recommendation tool to help you find the right products, tips and advice for your changing skin (if you’re pregnant) and baby’s skin, and a great FAQs page (with cradle cap info- something every new parent experiences!)

Mustela also has diaper changing products and a sweepstakes to win a year’s supply of their soothing wipes and barrier cream!


ghuff 8:26 PM  

Jody, Just had to let you know that I use CANUS Lait de Chevre Goats Milk Foaming Bath Soap. I swear by it. Order it online and with a large enough order no postage which makes it about $5 a bottle. A little goes a long way. I love it.

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