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Mmmm... Now What?

>> Thursday, October 30, 2008

I just finished the list of giveaways. 1392 of them. Of course I skipped all the ones that were baby items. Or for cats. And, after a while, I quit clicking on anything that said "Spa Indulgence" as I didn't really want to see any more Chex Bars... But there was lots of great stuff. I hope I win something. (Which, seriously, never happens. Ever. But I keep trying.)

My email boxes are stuffed full. My desk is covered with stuff that needs to be done. And rooms in my house could use a cleaning.

I should probably get on it then, huh?

Seriously, next week things will be back to normal around here...


Sally 8:20 AM  

yeah, I don't really get how chex bars are spa indulgence. false advertising if you ask me! =)

The Fritz Facts 8:43 AM  

I don't get the Chex one...oh well.

It was fun though. If I win I will be amazed! But it is such a good time. I have a list of blogs to add to my reader.

Anonymous 12:05 PM  

You do know there are now over 1400 giveaways??? Yikes! I spent almost the entire day yesterday entering contests, right up till almost midnight! I got to where I was really picking through to the ones I'd really want to win :) Good luck!!

How do you know when the next blitz is? It would be fun to join in with a giveaway. Do I need to subscribe to that site?

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