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>> Thursday, October 16, 2008

Apparently my computer has issues. Issues which aren't covered by the warranty we purchased because it "covered everything". It would, however, cover repairs if I were to drown my system in hot tea or drop it from the 2nd story of my house to the patio of the basement walk-out.

Oh, don't think it hasn't been considered...

I have to go back to the store with the Big Yellow Tag tomorrow to go through my computer and pick what needs to be backed up... Because I couldn't open any Windows based items this morning. And I need to back up my Outlook, passwords and a few other necessities that will cost me more in lost information than the $100 or so the "geeks" are gonna charge me.

Unfortunately this little "glitch" takes $250 from something else this pay period... Namely the new kitchen faucet I really need, the carpet cleaning and lighting for the living room. Pfffttt...

It is also costing me money as the girls computers don't have what I need to update my websites, do my paid writing or anything else productive. I can't even get my sidebar to appear so I can't go visiting. BAH!

I can check email... kind of. I just can't send messages unless you email me first because all my addresses are stored in Outlook... On my computer...


Anonymous 12:39 AM  

Bummer!!! Here's a piece of unsolicited advice :) When you get those addresses back, write them down on paper somewhere. I know it's a little old fashioned, but there's been a couple times when it saved my behind. I write them in my snail mail address book! At least you can get to your blog!

lila 6:20 AM  

When I had a lap top (compact) I had nothing but trouble. That was way back in the windows 98 days.

I had this geek friend who told me this trick that actually worked. Pull the battery out for so many minutes--cant remember exactly.

Eventually I went AC with it all the way.
I hope it doesnt cost you much.

Question--have you considered purchasing your own carpet shampoo machine? I got a Bissel upright--works like a vacumm and does a fantastic job. Includes attachments for furniture as well.

I got it back in 2004 at a price of 289 but it has more than paid for itself. Just a thought as I know your trying ways to save money.

The Fritz Facts 10:16 PM  

That stinks. Really stinks. So glad that you backed some of the pictures up last week. Not fun.

I have a vaccum cleaner too...well did until the kids broke it (long story), and it was wonderful.

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