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I'm Still Here

>> Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kind of. In addition to being without a computer the past two days have been insanely busy. Lots of running hither and yon...

I've been back to the store with the Big Yellow Tag... And paid them to remove the 14 spyware viruses from my system. Which may mean they have to wipe my system down to nothing and begin again. Nice.

It's annoying because I have a really nice virus/spyware/ firewall protector. Can someone tell me why the hackers are smarter than the people protecting you from the hackers? It's kind of like home security, I think... The best person to design your home security is an ex- burglar. So wouldn't the best person to design spyware be an ex-hacker?

I'm going slightly crazy without my computer. Sure, we have more but none of them are mine... I can't do exactly what I want on them. None of them are set up exactly like mine is. And I'm really not loading software into them for just a few days.

So, I'm still here... I'm not ignoring you. And when I get my laptop back you'll know... I've got lots that needs done before next week... I'll have giveaways on ALL of my blogs. Lots of great stuff! It's going to be wonderful fun!


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