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What's In A Name?

>> Monday, December 17, 2007

Quite a bit, if you are a three-year-old.

While we have never had a problem getting Brenna to eat anything there are times she will hear the name of something and decide that she doesn't like it.

Tonight, for example, I made quiche. From scratch. Yes, yum. But Brenna insisted "I don't like 'kitch'". However it was in a pie crust. And any parent who has seen the Backyardigans knows that there is a special pie, a "great pie". All it took was telling Brenna it was a "Great Cheese Pie" and it was "dewishious".

Another example is the Taco Soup we have at least monthly during the winter. Darn good stuff. It is served with tortilla scoops and cheese. Mmmmm... Taco Soup, however, is not on Brenna's list of accepted foods. But she loves "salsa dippies". Hence "Salsa Dippy Soup".

And speaking of "dippies", I am constantly amazed at how a little ketchup or "white" (ranch dressing) suddenly makes the unedible appetizing. Even in combinations that turn my stomach.. such as peaches and ketchup or sweet potates and ranch. Ewww...


Jennifer 6:07 AM  

Regular potatoes with ranch is good. Just like sour cream but with a kick.

I try and trick my kids all the time when it comes to food, and the only thing I can not even sneak into a recipe is cream of mushroom soup.. the boy just does not like it not matter which way I try :) So he doesn't have to eat it.
" salsa dippy soup" very cute!

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