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>> Saturday, December 01, 2007

I hate my bQQbs. If you’ve been reading here any amount of time I’m pretty sure you’ve picked up on that. It’s amazing I haven’t had back problems yet and if I don’t start a weight lifting regimen soon I’m sure I will.

With all the annoyances I have with large breasts it actually amazes me that people will pay to have their breasts enlarged. But I suppose that if they stand at attention all by themselves….

I have, of course, considered reduction surgery but the stories I have heard about the scars and the way the breasts don’t “seem right” scares me off.

I do keep up with innovations, though, just to see if they have perfected a breast tissue to breast tissue transplant. I would soooo donate some of my bQQbs to a worthy recipient.

Right now the next best thing is los angeles breast reductionWith an emphasis on final shape as well as smaller size to “fit” your body, well, I may have to reconsider. The photos in their gallery are just astounding. The scars aren’t as noticeable as I have seen in many other surgeons’ portfolios and the shapes are so nice and perky.

After perusing their page for longer than I want to admit, their Los Angeles facelift results have me thinking that maybe, someday, if I really need it a facelift may not be out of the question.

Of course that would be after I had liposculpture. I really miss my 33-year-old a$$. Seriously- I had Brenna and turned 34 within days of each other and suddenly I had the dreaded “mommy butt”. I have yet to find jeans that make it look attractive. Thankfully I don’t see it often, but I’m sure Liposculpture Beverly Hills could assist with my rear view. Well... Maybe a few squats wouldn't hurt...


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