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Cookies Everywhere

>> Sunday, December 16, 2007

Caelan is napping and Doug & Brenna just left to run some errands. I just finished two big batches of cookies (Sweet Peanut Brittle dipped in Chocolate and Chewy Chocolate Bites) and will be beginning more very soon.

I actually need to decorate one box that cookies are being delivered in as it is a "pizza box" style- and plain. I think I may just wrap it in paper and call it good.

Tomorrow Brenna will deliver cookie bags to her three teachers and also to the front desk staff at her preschool. Caelan and I will take the "pizza box" of cookies to the shop that handles our auto maintence. I will probably also send a box out to PayPerPost. I'll have to remember to share a bit about them later on.

I got the goodies for my monthly bribing. It is- by far- the biggest prize I've given out. I think it's pretty darn nice, too. Thursday is the day for that. Just something to look forward to...


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