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A New Way to Read

>> Monday, December 17, 2007

I love to read. Everything. My interests range from history to autobiography, historical novels to romance, and practically everything else.

BooksOnBoard.com has downloadable Audio Books in MP3 format and eBooks for free reader software such as Microsoft, Adobe and Palm.

Their book list is extensive (over 190,000 titles from many publishers) and the prices are amazing. No club fees, no hidden charges. Very cool. And a great alternative if you enjoy reading (like I do) and your library is a bit tardy in getting new titles (like mine is).


Jodi 8:08 AM  

My husband hates to read with a capital H. But someone gave him a book on CD at work the other day and now that is all he has been doing is listening to books. It is great. I also have a daughter who hates to read. Unfortunately she still has to read but this may be a good way to get her to read more.

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