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Do You Jitterbug?

>> Friday, December 07, 2007

I know I’ve shown photos of my grandfather on this site before. He’s a great guy; in many ways my hero. He was born in 1928; he’ll be 80 next year. It’s almost impossible to believe he is that old as he still runs the farm he and my grandmother worked so hard to build.

Because he is so active he got a cell phone a few years ago. And he hated it. Mostly because they just don’t make cell phones for senior citizens. He didn’t need text messaging or internet. He didn’t care for the tiny keypad or the many ringtones.

He just needed a phone. Not long ago he got a Jitterbug. And he loves it. Jitterbug makes senior cell phones- and makes them right. He can actually hear when he uses his phone because it is hearing aid compatible and has a powerful speaker. The screen has large text and the buttons are large and backlit.

Jitterbug also has operators to help with everything. No confusing setup to handle by yourself. And no contracts or service plans. Just a straight forward phone to use when you need it.

If you have to buy any gifts for senior citizens consider the Jitterbug. It’s a phone they’ll actually use!


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