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Have You Tried Vacation Home Rentals?

>> Friday, December 07, 2007

I am almost ready to begin the booking process for our upcoming trip to Ireland! (You can't tell, but I am giddy with excitement!)

I have, somewhat, mapped out our itinerary and have decided that we will begin in Dublin and end in Shannon- opposite of last time. We will, of course, be driving ourselves as we never seem to really stick to our plans very closely.

I know we won't use hotels; I am actually considering using Vacation Home Rentals. In a rental we would be able to come and go as we please without bothering anyone. And we could stock the fridge with what we wanted to eat. And Ireland is small enough that much of what we would want to do could be done from a central location. Besides, you just don't meet the locals in a hotel. Not to mention separate rooms!

I was checking out HomeAway.com earlier and was very impressed with the properties they have available. They are the leaders in Vacation Home Rentals with over 100,000 cottages, cabins and condos (303 in Ireland) around the world.

OK, I'm off to peruse properties!


Heidi @ Trendy Dollar 3:57 PM  

I love home rentals. We always use www.vrbo.com!

Far From Perfect 8:33 AM  

I have used HomeAway last summer. Went to Maine for 2 weeks. We also used another company??? for Cozumal. Great time things went very well. don't know how I came upon your blog? I enjoyed it

Anonymous 12:10 PM  

I have been used VRBO and vacationrentals.com. Both are great and easy to use. Our family of 5 stayed only 2 nights in Ellijay, GA (base of Blue Ridge Mountains)and I went to Christmas in NYC for 3 nights. Customers were great to negotiate with us. Worth the effort to negotiate with owners!

Anonymous 1:47 PM  

I have also used these websites and I like them. There is another website that I really like a lot too. It is www.rentalo.com. This website has a unique thing and it is that you can send a single inquiry to multiple properties.. which actually saves tons of time!!! Really cool.. I really recommend it. Anyways.. good luck on your time off!

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