"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Romance is Overrated

>> Monday, December 03, 2007

Have you ever wondered what a professional thief’s “To Do” list includes? It might go something like this:
1) Peruse neighborhood for newspapers gathering on front porch.
2) Watch neighbors to learn their habits.
3) Buy black clothing.
4) buy lock pick set

OK, so I jest a bit. Planetmace.com has tons of items for sale with your safety in mind.

We have been doing quite a bit of driving during the past month. And with our deer collision from November 2005 still fresh in our minds, Doug takes care to pack the truck “just in case”.

He’ll put bottles of water in the “spare” cup holders, two or three big blankets in the back, and make sure we all have our warmest coats, hats and mittens.

What we don’t have- and we should- is a first aid kit. I think we might have a few band aids in the glove box… Maybe some pills for motion sickness… And possibly a crushed box of tissues somewhere under the back seat.

Planetmace.com has an Emergency Preparedness Kit that is set up to abide by the American Red Cross’ minimum preparedness guidelines. It has food, water, a radio that can be powered by solar or hand-power and medical supplies. It comes in and oversized red nylon bag with plenty of room to allow for additional items your family may need.

I know that I have mentioned before that we really aren’t “gifty” people. But this emergency kit would be a welcomed gift on Christmas morning. OK, so it’s not jewelry (I have quite enough) or perfume (I don’t wear it). But it is a gift that shows that you are cared for. It’s a gift that shows you are important. It’s a gift that shows you are loved.

Yeah, yeah, I know- it's about as romantic as a blender. But how much good will you get from that jewelry if you aren't around t enjoy it?


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