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On The Rocks

>> Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We are in the midst of another round of ice storms. It is supposed to last all day and every school within 100 miles is cancelled. My brother is probably out working- trying to get power back to all those whose power lines are felled by the weight of the ice. Des Moines is closing in on half an inch of iceon the roads.

No one in my house is going anywhere today. The girls and I have no place we need to be and Doug will be able to work unless we lose power.

I got all my Christmas shopping done yesterday. Well, except for my dad. He's difficult to buy for no matter what. But this year it seems more so. After he returned home to recover from his accident his wife told him she wanted a divorce. Not really bad news for us kids as she is really not a nice person and didn't treat my father very well. The only bad thing is that he will be alone. I don't think he does well alone- which is why he ended up married to her (I think).

I want to get him a dog. Even a cat. Just something that can be there with him and appreciate him. My youngest brother doesn't think it's a bad idea... And a pet won't cost more than his wife did.

Well, my whining one-year-old thinks she needs to work on my computer, too, so it's time for me to go. Pretty sure I'll be back later, not much else to do.... Wish I had bought the stuff to bake Christmas cookies...


Marie 7:48 AM  

Stay safe and warm! Hope you don't lose power. I have a feeling that's headed our way next! Want to finish my shopping for me?

Angie 9:25 AM  

I think a German Shorthair pointer would be a great dog for your dad. They are loyal and the dog will follow him around like he is god.

Jesse got a GSP this fall and she adores him.

I am at work today and the funny thing is people are calling for appointments instead of canceling.

Stay safe.

Melody 9:44 AM  

Yes, I just love these ice storms. Half of the tree in our backyard has fallen. The other half that hasn't fallen is over the power line, so we are just waiting and crossing our fingers it won't fall.

I would think the dog would be substantially cheaper than the soon to be ex-wife.

Cookies do sound good on a day like this.

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