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Pajama Day

>> Thursday, December 20, 2007

Well, only half way.

This morning the girls and I will be "lounging"- which includes, but is not limited to, cleaning the living room and kitchen, doing a load of laundry and bathing. I suppose the "lounging" comes in now as I am online and the girls are munching generic Cheerios and watching Wonder Pets.

About 4pm we will be picking up the babysitter, a set of keys and a pizza. About 5:30 "friends" will arrive to play with the girls and Doug & I are off for a relaxing dinner with adults and then to set up for a caucus class Doug is leading.

Two weeks until the caucus. I still don't know who I will be supporting. Feel free to push your candidate in the comments.


Sincerely Iowa 10:01 AM  

I've done a lot of research and gotten to know most of the Democratic candidates, and so far, I am siding with Obama. Good for you for getting involved.

mama2dibs 8:58 PM  

I'm a republican so Clinton is DEFINITELY out! :) I haven't decided who I like on the republican side though. I'm sort of leaning toward Huckabee, but haven't researched him enough to know for certain. If I did have to go democrat though, it would be Edwards.

Anonymous 2:47 PM  

I'm not overly excited about any of my choices ... but leaning toward Romney at the moment.

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