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Schmoopy Post

>> Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yankee Bob proposed the idea of Schmoopy Post Day, and I promised to join in the fun.

I couldn't really think of just one incident or experience to fit this catergory, so I will take you through some past posts on this blog that may have made you say "Gack!"

Now this first bit comes to you from a post I did waaaayyyy back in September 2004 about childbirth classes. I offer Doug's comment to that post:

I love you Jody. You're the strongest woman I know. Just think of the end result and hope for the best. As to the pain, we can deal with it as it comes and you can make decisions then. Whatever is best for you and baby Brenna.

Repeat after me, "I am so lucky." Oh wait, that's your sister's line. How about "I am so loved." Because you are.

Here's another post from that same month which included this classic:

"Oh, cruel mistress! What harsh punishments doth thou inflict! Let thy word be so accomplished, for I am but a loving servant..."

Here's the post I did for our first anniversary and the schmoopy comment Doug left:

I got up at the crack of 10:15 and Jody, hearing me rumble around upstairs, has started breakfast. I am such a lucky man. She gave me such a great card too! Me, I want to give her the world. Here's to a lifetime's worth of anniversaries.

And the classic schmmopy post: Meet Brenna Clare.

And, with that, I must end as I hear little miss screaming through the monitor, telling me that her nap is through.

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