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>> Sunday, October 30, 2005

My sincerest apologies to everyone I haven't visited in a while. Somehow my life has become very, very, very, very busy.

The holiday season begins today, in my mind, as it is Beggar's Night, a lovely little made-up night so kids aren't actually out on Halloween. Weird. But, ever so quickly, Thanksgiving will be upon us- with it's multiple invitations for dinner- and Christmas shortly after with New Year's Eve hot on it's heels.

In between all the fun and frolic we are working on Doug's senate campaign. Right now Brenna & I are canvassing neighborhoods for necessary signatures. Doug has been speaking with "people in the know" and developing his website (where you may all contribute to his campaign dreams).

We leave for Ireland in 2 weeks. I packed necessary items (diapers, wipes, fruit cups, disposable sippy cups, snack size bowls & travel containers) to mail ahead (to the first B&B we are staying at). No sense schlepping them along on the plane.

I've also been packing for our move. Yep, we're "movin' on up", as it were. Right now our closing date is December 1. So much to do & such a short time to do it in.

I also have two "pet projects" of my own going on right now. One is a website & the other is a children's book.

And, of course, my daily job- being a mommy. Which is calling me away now. It's time for a snack & I should start dinner so we can begin trick or treat on time.

So, I hope you will excuse the fact that I haven't been by lately. I haven't forgotten any of you... I'll be back soon!

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