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Sometimes It's What You Say

>> Sunday, October 02, 2005

Too funny not to share:

Lars tagged me for this. One of the questions was Five Greatest Joys. I said hockey because I have front row tickets to opening night for the new Iowa Stars.

Today, long after we got home, unpacked, bathed Brenna & put her to bed, I checked my email and found this:

Hi Jody,

This is Randy Brubaker. I work for the Des Moines Register and handle the news operations for DesMoinesRegister.com.

I was trolling the web the Friday night, searching for blogs written by Iowans, just to see what's out there. And I stumbled across your family blog and was intrigued by your "five greatest joys" list -- specifically the fact that it included your visit to the Iowa Stars game this week.

Which leads me to an offer: We have a handful of blogs that have launched at the Register site in the past month, and one of them is an Iowa Stars blog.
You can check them out at:


We're looking for community members to blog for us, in addition to Register staffers. Our books blog is written by a woman in NE Iowa who doesn't work for the paper, for example. With the sports blogs, however, we've unconventionally rotated the bloggers during each week. You can see on the Iowa and ISU football blogs how that works.

I wondered if you'd be interested in writing for the Iowa Stars hockey blog a couple of times this week? Specifically, once on Tuesday, writing about what you're looking forward to and why? Then posting again on Friday after the game with your "review" of the game, the team, the arena. It wouldn't matter whether it's about hockey per se, or about the experience at large.
We're really just looking for someone who is going to the game and articulate to share their insights.

I realize this is a bit of a random request. I'd be happy to talk to you on Monday if you have questions or "talk" by email if that works better, too.

Thanks for considering.

Randy Brubaker
Assistant managing editor/online

Sure, I can do that. Stay tuned. We'll see if I thank Lars or not...

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