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>> Saturday, October 08, 2005

Just a quick post as I dash about.

We had a big garage sale today here at Casa Geek. Much of Friday was spent preparing; today was spent having. It began at 8, we were trying to set things up about 7:15 and people were waiting as we brought out boxes. We made about $400 between the 4 families, not too shabby.

Tomorrow is a big birthday bash here for the September & October birthdays on Doug's mother's side of the family. It's a tradition. Everyone gathers about once a month to celebrate all the birthdays of that month. There are 5 tomorrow- including Brenna's first birthday & Doug's. Hence, the celebration is here. I am making a big dinner. I have no idea how many people to actually expect. UGH!

I am exhausted. I think I'm going to turn my brain off and watch mind-numbing TV until I fall asleep. Up early tomorrow to hit the market.

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