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Protect Their Feelings at All Costs

>> Wednesday, October 26, 2005

For years now Doug has had only catastrophic health coverage, meaning that unless he's on death's door he pays for everything. Luckily he has been healthy. But now, with Brenna, I have decided that he needs actual coverage.

We pay our own health insurance. With Doug on the policy it will be close to $500 per month. Yes, that seems like a lot. But, God forbid, if something happens that $500 a month will seem like a damn good investment.

Anyway, my point.

Before Blue Cross will add Doug to my policy I have to sign an amendment. This amendment reads as follows:

I consent and agree that the health care coverage contract issued by Wellmark, if any, shall not cover and will not provide benefits in connection with any treatment sought for weight reduction including, but not limited to, any surgical operation, reoperation, or revision of a surgical procedure....

Now what this tells me is that Blue Cross is getting nailed with enormous costs relating to gastric bypass surgeries and/or malpractice type lawsuits for gastric bypass.

Because, heaven forbid, doctors tell their patients to eat right and exercise. Why would they do that in this "I want it now" world? Besides, you might hurt someone's feelings if you said that they were overweight... Even if it were in their best interest healthwise.

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