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So much to do

>> Thursday, December 30, 2004

So why am I blogging? Probably because I have so much to do and the frustration of trying to do it is making me crazy!!!

My house is basically cleaned for the party tomorrow. Just a bit of vacuuming to do. I have purchased all the goodies, I just have to create them tomorrow. I still have a gaping hole in my bathroom ceiling. I think we are going to use a heavy fabric on the ceiling. A nice, drapey look. As for sewing the curtains & chair covers, I'm getting there. Kind of. So much heavy fabric. And I can't see the design on the back so I'm not sure my line is going to be straight. And that frustrates me.

Brenna is kind of fussy today, so she takes presidence over everything else. And Doug is fighting the cold I had last week.

Ugh. I should stop procrastinating now & just get busy! If I don't get a chance to blog tomorrow- and I really doubt I do- Happy New Year!! Talk to you again in 2005!!!

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