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Who Needs Reindeer?

>> Thursday, December 16, 2004

During the warmer seasons we have two young boys who clean our yard of "waste". They charge $2 per week. That's a bargain any way you look at it, plus we help a couple of young men (first graders) save money for things they want. One bought a pet rat. We also have a kennel we use exclusively. It's great. She has a large farm that she runs the dogs on. It is about 35 miles away but she charges $10 per day and Toby loves going there.

So, to make a short story long, we are preparing thank you's for their services during the year and I thought a photo of Toby would be a nice addition as they will recognize him more easily than they will my name.

This is the second picture. Let's just say that he wasn't thrilled with the hat...

For those who may wonder, Toby is a St. Bernard/ Great Pyranees mix. He's a runt. I rescued him when he was a puppy.


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