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>> Tuesday, December 21, 2004

This started out as a single post, but then I found another case (thanks WatersBlogged) where traditionally leftist newspapers had something worthy to discuss. What would happen if I can't bash the NY Times?

The Boston Globe reports that instead of running an AnyoneButBush campaign, in 2008 the Democrats should run AnyoneButHillary in Who can lead the Democrats?

Let's see if anyone over there is paying attention...

Second, let's head over to the NY Times and visit David Brooks' Make No Mistake (to bypass the logon, follow the link at Google).
He asks how we got to the place of cautious optimism in the ME in relation to Israel. Egypt is normalizing relations with Israel and asking other ME countries to do the same, the wall has reduced terror acts by 90%, the aggressive posture towards Hamas has minimized their influence. How did that happen? Read the article and find out.

Okay, here are my favorite quotes: " It almost makes you think that Bush understands the situation better than the lot of them." and "We owe this cautiously hopeful moment to a series of unfortunate events - and to a president who disregarded the received wisdom."

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