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New Toy

>> Monday, December 27, 2004

I come to you today from my new laptop! A shiny, compact thing weighing a mere 5.5 lbs! It's lovely.

Doug & I ventured out yesterday to purchase a new dining room set. Unfortunately, the price had gone up (I thought things went on sale after Christmas) so we passed on that purchase. We were, however, right next to Best Buy so we entered. What a crazy place after Christmas! I have been in need of a new laptop for a while now. Mine has been freezing (requiring restarting), the CD/DVD drive has ceased to work, it restarts itself at will... in other words, it is close to its dying breath. And Best Buy had this lovely laptop on sale. And my husband loves me. And he's a geek, so a new toy in the house is a good thing. :)

I tell myself that, because this is so nice and tiny, it will be easier to tote about & I will do more writing. YES, I WILL!

But now I must depart because Miss Brenna has decided to fill her diaper and make me get back to the really important tasks of mommy-dom.

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