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Cancel the plumber

>> Tuesday, December 28, 2004

My uncle- yes the one who was in the shower- and my brother-in-law cut into the ceiling in our half bath and found the problem. It seems that he spigot into the tub was not properly caulked which was causing water to run back and around the pipes. We didn't notice it because that bathroom is rarely used, except for Brenna's baths.

I dislike new construction. They just toss houses up anymore. No pride in workmanship like you saw 100 years ago. (God, I sound old.)

Anyway, this will only cost us a partial new ceiling in the half bath, a couple dollars for caulk and a few steak dinners. I think we are getting off cheap.

Now that that dilemma is through I need to begin focusing on Friday. Hosting a New Year's Eve bash. I have 2 curtains to make, 2 chairs to make covers for, a menu to plan and carry out and overall cleaning to do. And, of course, Miss Brenna to care for.

I should get on with it.

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