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I've Been Cleared

>> Thursday, December 09, 2004

Amazing as it seems it has been 6 weeks since the beautiful Brenna was born. My postpartum visit was yesterday. I have been given he green light to pursue any activities I wish. Yippee!! I can go to the gym again!

I am very excited about getting back to the gym. They completely remodled while I was pregnant. The new layout is very nice. And spacious. And they have free child care for infants and toddlers. 6 weeks is the youngest they will accept so Brenna is good to go as well.

There is only one thing about my gym that annoys me. Recently I received a mailer from them outlining all their offerings. One of the classes listed was called Baby and Me. Color me interested. So I check out their website. It's down. So I call. The person I spoke to said that she wasn't sure when that class would begin. Umm, OK. So yesterday I stop by the gym to get a tour of the new layout and ask again about the Baby and Me class. It hasn't been scheduled because they don't have an instructor for it. Not only do they not have an instructor, they don't know who they can hire because they don't know the guidelines for hiring for that class.

Now, I should probably mention that my gym is a chain. A BIG chain. The YMCA. I really expected a bit more organization from them. You can bet the main branch is going to hear about this...

Now, because I have been cleared to work out that also means I have been cleared for other activities as well. As my husband would say; Boom-chicky-boom-boom. Umm, yeah. My doctor asked me what I would like to do about birth control. I told him I had better be leaving with a prescription. (My sister's OB, after the birth of her first child, would not give her BC because she was nursing. When her son was 6 months old I received a tearful phone call... Yep, baby #2 was on the way. BTW, he's great, wouldn't trade him for a puppy.) Anyway, I have no desire to experience pregnancy again so soon. If I had I would have had a zipper installed in my abdomen.

So, I am prescribed BC. A low dose that won't suppress lactation. It also won't give me a regular cycle. I may have a period, I may not. It's a crapshoot. It's also only 98% effective. This makes me nervous. Seriously, nothing for months... worry that you are among the "lucky" 2%... then bam! But what if there is no bam! and you just worry? For months. And months.

Poor Doug. :)

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