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Helping War Vets

>> Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A community in Florida knows how to take care of their own

America is a great country. We are the first to help people in need, the first on the scene after a disaster, and stories like the one above makes us wonder how we can do something similar in our own community. Come on, admit it, you know you were thinking how cool it would be to do the same thing in your home town. A couple of weeks ago, several military bloggers put out a request to their readers to send phone cards to Walter Reed Medical Center [the military hospital that a lot of wounded vets get sent to]. The response was so overwhelming that Walter Reed starting sending phone cards to several other military hospitals for the vets to use.

Last fall, a former Marine officer started a campaign to send computers and video equipment to Iraq to start a TV station. He needed $100,000....after several million has been raised, the donations are still coming in. He's branched out to helping rebuild schools and universities, helping Iraqi bloggers get started, and sending sewing machines and toys to various communities around Iraq.

Yes, America is a great country, and by your actions we can make it better still.

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