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John Edwards gets a vote

>> Tuesday, December 14, 2004

John Edwards recieved one of Minnesota's electoral votes yesterday. He also recieved the electoral vote for VP on the same ballot, so either the elector wanted Johnny to be really busy or they were just confused. However, since they had to hand write the ballot, I don't believe the "elector was confused" argument.

An elector in West Virginia toyed with switching votes from Bush to Kerry, but didn't in the end because "his [President Bush] margin of victory in West Virginia was decisive to the extent that to do otherwise would have been slapping the voters in the face."

North Carolina electors met to award 16 of NC's 15 possible electoral votes to President Bush...err...ummm. I think they meant 15 out of 15 electoral votes...

I'll see if there are any more electoral stories from yesterday....

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