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More Baby Functions

>> Monday, December 13, 2004

Doug, being the wonderful Daddy that he is, got up this morning at Brenna's cry, changed her diaper and brought her into bed so I could feed her. In the morning I like to do a relaxed feeding laying in bed.

We're all lounging in bed, relaxed after Brenna has eaten and I've burped her. She made a bit of a sighing noise and proceeded to spit up all over me- and the bed. If anyone is wondering distance, approximately 6 inches.

Doug jumps out of bed like he's been shot- he wasn't even hit- and runs for a spit rag. I improvise and use the blanket she's wrapped in so we are cleaned by the time he returns. No worries.

A few minutes later I'm holding Brenna and Doug leans over to kiss her. Right then she burps, not a girlie burp, but a huge belch any guy would be proud to own. I wish I had video of Doug jumping backwards. I guess he was afraid of after effects from earlier.

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