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Wicker or Teak?

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last weekend Doug and I barely beat the snow (which is now gone) and succeeded in bringing into the garage and storing all the outdoor items like the grill, patio furniture, hoses and lights. In fact it began to snow as we finished hauling things in. Luckily we had a small heater in the garage and managed to get it cleaned and organized while we were out there. (No small feat.)

We brought in the wicker furniture that we’ve had for years and are currently having the debate on whether we try to make it last one more year or if we give up on it and invest in new Outdoor Furniture.

It’s a difficult call. I’ve been looking at BuyOutdoorFurnitureOnline.com practically all summer because they have some amazing pieces. And I’ve found some that I truly love. The wicker Catalina Collection is truly gorgeous but I’ve got my heart set on teak which is more expensive but practically weather resistant.

With everything on sale and free shipping the choice becomes even more difficult. Do we wait another year and hope no one falls through the seat of the chairs? (I honestly thought it would happen this year) Or do we take advantage of the great offers that are going on now?

Decisions, decisions… Pretty, comfy furniture or the ratty, often spray painted stuff...


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