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Buy Christmas Cards and Support a Company That Supports Our Troops

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

So… Have you purchased your Christmas Cards yet? I haven’t… But I fully intend to on November 30. Yes, on the 30th. It’s already planned.

I will be holding off ordering my Christmas cards until the 30th because we are having family portraits taken on the 29th. These will be only our second professional photos as a family since Caelan was born. I’ve got the girls’ dresses- they will be adorable- now I just have to figure out what Doug & I are going to wear. Not so easy.

Luckily figuring out where to order my cards from is much easier… I’m using ChristmasCardsDirect.com. They have lovely photo card borders, affordable prices and quick turn around. Which is all great. (If you’re not wanting to send your photo to everyone you know they also have beautiful Christmas cards for business and personal use. You can have these personalized, as well.)

But the reason I am placing my order with ChristmasCardsDirect.com this year is because they have partnered with Operation Christmas Tree and Home Depot to send 5000 Christmas trees and Christmas cards to US troops serving overseas. Let’s face it, I would love to be able to send Christmas cheer to even 500 of our brave soldiers but time and money constraints make that impossible. The least I can do is support a company that can.


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