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Preparations are Underway

>> Monday, November 10, 2008

The planning is beginning for my HouseParty this weekend. I’ve got food chosen; now I have to wait for final RSVPs to roll in so I can figure out what will get “cut” for the final list.

Here’s what I have so far:

Ruby Sippers (a champagne drink)
Mulled Apple Cider

Pumpkin Clove Pound Cake
Coconut Snowballs
Gingerbread Men
Coconut Croissant Bread Pudding
Simply Sensational Truffles
Cream Cheese Swirled Pumpkin Pie
Spicy Mixed Nuts

Black Bean Dip
Pigs in Blankets (an updated and much more “adult” version)
Parmesan Straws
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
Easy Bake Cheese and Pesto

I am also considering an Oven Roasted Fillet of Beef with flavored butters. (Side note: if you're coming and want to contribute by making one of these dishes let me know- I'll get the recipe to you!)

I know, I’m probably really overdoing this. But I love to entertain and cook. It’s a sickness, really. In fact, I’m still looking online for other ideas and recipes. Because we decided to include kids I’m looking for entertaining things for them to do. Over at Celebrations.com they have an article about Thanksgiving art projects for kids. I’m thinking we may follow that just a bit, to keep the younger ones occupied. They’ll only pay attention to the movies for so long, I’m afraid. Celebrations.com also has a recipe for Mini Apple Pies that I am considering.

And, as I don’t want the décor to be too Christmas-y I am checking out the Thanksgiving Decorations ideas. Their suggestions for “setting the scene” with bountiful harvest gourds and apples highlighted with candles sounds festive but not overly red-and-green.

Do you have any suggestions or resources to share with me?


Laurie J. 4:35 AM  

Wow that is quite a list. I could never tackle that many things, not would I want to. hahaha. I have a suggestion. Last year you had a chocolate chip cheese ball. I made it and it turned out great and everyone loved it. Have a great time at your party!

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