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Affordable Eyeglasses

>> Monday, November 03, 2008

Doug and I are cutting costs everywhere. It’s been quite nice, actually. OK, not so much the “going without” certain things but watching our debt dwindle has been wonderful!

One thing we did was switch to an HAS for our health insurance. We’re healthy people so the amount we spend meeting the deductible + the cost of insurance + the money we put into our HAS is actually less than we were spending on our “full coverage” insurance. Another nice feature is that the money we put into our HAS can be used for any medical costs- even those not covered by our insurance policy- like eye care and dental.

But, because we aren’t using credit cards and we only have so much money to put into our HAS monthly we are both overdue for optical and dental appointments. (The girls, however, are not. They come first.)

I do need to get myself to the optometrist soon, however. I just have to find one who won’t protest too much when I don’t purchase my eyeglasses from him but choose Zenni Optical instead. I’ve had my frames picked out for a while now:

At $19 they are a fraction of what I would spend anywhere else so I’m willing to give them a try. If there is a problem I'm not out as much as I have been in the past (because even those high priced shops make mistakes- and returns are a big hassle no matter where you go,it seems).


Anonymous 9:30 AM  

Cute frames! I need new glasses, I usually hit up that place that advertises 2 pairs for $98.61 (or whatever that odd number is that they use!) But I don't have insurance so I can't get an exam quite yet...

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