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Let Me Recommend: The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck

>> Thursday, November 27, 2008

I saw this book called "simple" in reviews, and they didn't mean it in a good way but as an insult. The thing is, the very best things in life are simple. The love of a child, a soft spring rain, the excitement of Christmas...

So when I say this book is simple I mean it as a compliment. This is a story you can share with your children. This is a story about life and something in it will touch you- or even remind you of yourself.

If you've ever heard Glenn Beck talk about the last Christmas he spent with his mother parts of this story will seem familiar. The story introduces us to Eddie and the life he leads after the death of his father. It's a life of trial. Parts of it will make you laugh and there were plenty of times I cried. If you were ever a rebellious teenager you will see yourself in this story and cringe when you remember how awful you were.

Beyond being a story about redemption it is also a story about facing your life head on and continuing forward through the storms that lie ahead, no matter how scary they look.

This is not a large book, about 300 pages but the print is relatively large so it reads quickly. I read it in one sitting in under 3 hours. It's incredibly relevant right now, with all the uncertainty many of us are facing. I highly recommend it.

You can buy The Christmas Sweater at Target & WalMart if you're out shopping this weekend, any book store or at Amazon.com by using the link below.

If you want a wonderful copy to gift (or gift yourself- I did!) order an autographed copy in a gorgeous leather box from Premier Collectibles.


Anonymous 7:23 PM  

Hey Jody, funny that this should be at the top of your blog today, I just picked up a copy today. I don't know a lot about the story, but I have been hearing so many people talk about how good it is I had to get it.

And don't forget, the stage show of "The Christmas Sweater" will be showing at the Jordan Creek Theatres on December 17th. Got your tickets yet?

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