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Looking for Christmas Photo Cards?

>> Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We’re getting family pictures taken in a couple weeks. I have no idea what anyone but Caelan is wearing. But, based on her outfit, it will be a festive and Christmas-y photo. So I’m going to use those pictures and have Christmas Photo Cards made to send to friends and relatives. It will be our first professional family photo since just after Caelan’s birth.

Because we have a lot of people on our Christmas card list (and more getting added all the time as my “bloggy friends” become “real life friends”) I want to get a really nice card but I also want to not spend a load of money. Because who’s going to keep the card and not toss it? (OK, I keep photo cards. They all go into an album. Well, they will when I get a chance to put them there. It’s a future plan. So I can remember everyone who loves us enough to send a photo card.)

I’ve spent too much time tonight browsing VistaPrint and their huge selection of Christmas Photo Cards. They’ve got some great designs. I’m really liking the photo collage cards (you can put up to 6 pictures on some). And the foil accents add a wonderful bit of “bling”

If you happen to do a holiday letter VistaPrint can set that up for you, too. Very fancy. There is also a wide selection of 4x8” non-folding photo cards- horizontal or vertical.

If you haven’t chosen your cards yet head over and check out what VistaPrint has to offer. Great quality, easy to use and affordable.


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