"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Are you kidding me?

>> Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I really don't understand how 59 million people wanted to vote themselves into poverty. I just don't get it.

Obama has told us that he's going to bankrupt entire industries and raise taxes on everyone who pays taxes. He also thinks it's okay to kill babies that have been born alive.

But here are the items on his agenda that have me truly concerned.
1. He wants to create a Gestapo...err I mean a Civilian National Defense Force that is just as powerful as the existing military. Does anyone else question WHY?
2. His first reaction to dissent is to shut you down with legal and/or media onslaught. Even the media gets this treatment. See "Joe the Plumber", county sheriffs in Missouri, journalists that actually ask questions, and
3. The "Fairness" Doctrine, which of course is designed to shut down conservative shows.
4. Cap-and-Trade. This is where the economy tanks and you lose your freedoms for no good reason. All of mankind's activity - all breathing, farting, fire burning, heating, cooking, gas using, coal burning - all of it only accounts for around 1% of the C02 in the air. The oceans are the number 1 source and decomposing soil is number 2. The oceans cover 70% of the planet after all. So, cap and trade will not only try to regulate a gas that occurs naturally, mankind is hardly responsible for, and is NEEDED for life to exist on the planet.

Oh, and the consensus now is that the Sun has more to do with our planets global temperature than anything else. That makes sense, have you ever noticed the difference in temperature...say between night and day? Or between Summer and Winter?

I hope I'm wrong. But, even before the election, Democrats in Congress were crowing about how many freedoms they were going to take away from us. And happy about it.

I just don't understand how there could be 59 million under informed people out there.

Jody's two cents:
Prediction: Nothing will come of the voter fraud that surely occurred (there were two documented cases on our local news last night in Obama's favor) until the “middle class” has disappeared into poverty (instead of trending the other way, like it has been for years) and the downtrodden begin yelling about how he isn’t a “natural born” citizen and he cheated to get elected. Oh yeah, then it will all matter.

One question, though... Can we stop with all the "blacks can't get ahead" crap now?

Until then we're heading out to buy a couple guns. No way I'm going to be without... I may need to hunt for food or protect myself from the Civilian National Defense Force.


Anonymous 9:43 AM  

My mom didn't vote because when she got there she found out that she hadn't updated her change of address and instead of telling her that she could change it on site and still vote (which is what should have happened) the workers there said nothing. VERY shady if you ask me.

I told her to go back, but instead she did what many people did and avoided the extra hassle.

Amanda B.

Doug H 11:35 AM  

Here are some good ideas.

Sincerely Iowa 12:43 PM  

Amanda B - And what exactly does this have to do with Obama?

Did the election officials at the polling place ask who your mom was voting for before they screwed up her voting process?

I doubt it.

Jody 12:56 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jody 1:47 PM  

Jenni- Obama wasn't mentioned. What if I told you the precinct is 95% republican? Would that have changed your reaction?

Sincerely Iowa 2:57 PM  

It doesn't matter who she was voting for, what demographics her precinct was made up of (Dems vs. Reps) or what races made up her precinct.

She had a right to vote, and if it was ME-- I would have stood there and demanded someone do something about it. I would have questioned and poked and prodded until I had a ballot in my hand.

I just don't think this is an example of voter fraud or anything shady going on. I think its simply a matter of incompetent people working at the polls.

I wouldn't let anyone tell me I couldn't vote or get in my way of voting.

Jody 4:13 PM  

Well, I know her mom didn't wait hours to vote as it's a small town, but I understand the frustration about the "extra hassle". But I wonder if she really thought it mattered as the media had been telling us for weeks that Obama would be the victor.

I agree with what you say about "calling" the votes. I was annoyed when I saw that they called Iowa with 1% of the vote in. And I'm sure it keeps people on the west coast (and Hawaii!) from voting. Why bother if it's already decided?

Our voting system needs a major overhaul.

What do you think of Biden being on the ticket as VP and also as senator in his home state? Fair or not? I really think that if you are going to spend a year (or more) campaigning for another job you should quit the one you have. I don't think taxpayers should be paying you to do a job you are (obviously) not doing.

Heidi @ Trendy Dollar 5:01 PM  

I take a little bit of offense to the "under informed" comment. I ignored the ads, the attacks, the negativity, and got down to the facts. I was VERY informed before I voted. I did not vote myself into poverty. If my wages are at poverty level, it's my own fault - not the President's.

Neither candidate had ALL the same opinions I have. So I looked at the issues that I thought they would probably address during this term and saw how they would handle them.

That's the great thing about this country. We each have a voice and the right to vote for who we want. It's unfortunate that some people think less of others because of who they voted for.

Jody 5:06 PM  

We do have the right to vote for who we want. We also have the right to our own opinions. And that was Doug’s at the time her wrote the post. Sorry you were offended.

Anonymous 6:05 PM  

59 million under informed people? Yet exit polls from organizations like CNN indicate that 58% of voters with at least a postgraduate degree voted for Obama. You people are completely out of touch. Further, comments like, "Can we stop with all the "blacks can't get ahead" crap now?" reflect such an ignorance of race reality in our country that it's frightening. I'm just thankful that it appears our country will be able to finally move forward in spite of small minded Americans like you.

Fantastagirl 6:21 PM  

I think Doug and Jody should enjoy the freedom of free speech for as long as we have it. It's their blog, let them post as they wish. That is until Obama finds it, and has it shut down, because their views are different from his.

In my opinion, the next four years are going to be interesting - very. I'm taking a different approach - for every black person who says they can't do something - I'm going to say -

"AND WHY NOT? Obama had no father at home, he was raised by a single mother, and he became president - get off your sorry butt and get an education, and get a job. You can get there - like the rest of us - it's called hard work, personal responsibility and treating others with respect."

Jody 6:25 PM  

Thanks FG. I was planning on deleting the comment since the poster can't reveal themselves. Since I'm so small minded it's ok that I don't much like cowards...

Anonymous 7:28 PM  

My opinion is this, I think Obama will do little more than 'CHANGE' the drapes and decor in the White House. He would like to 'CHANGE' our national anthem and our flag because they are offensive to other countries. I'm glad he will be a figurehead instead of potentially involved in writing the governing laws of our country.

Doug H 7:41 PM  

Anon 6:05,

Exactly my point. How can people with so much education be so blind? Socialistic principals have failed everywhere they've been tried since 1917.

Look at China, first they execute 30 to 100 million people and stay in destitution until they started to allow free-market principals. Now they have a middle-class and a much better standard of living for all.

Now look at the UK, Denmark, Sweden and France. These socialist countries are going broke (we are too - after 20 years of fiscally liberal presidents), their standards of living are deteriorating, and there are parts of their country that the police can't patrol. They are losing freedoms every day and cannot even defend themselves. It makes the premise of "A Clockwork Orange" and "1984" eerily precognitive.

Comments like yours make you sound out of touch.

Marie 6:10 AM  

The mainstream media darling won... it is unbelievable to me that that's where so many educated people apparently get their "news." It's not news when they're clearly favoring one candidate, by cherry-picking what they tell you, and neglecting to cover key stories. Those of us who listened and read other sources did not pull that lever.

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