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Lawaway Available at Sears for Christmas

>> Sunday, November 16, 2008

As we work our way out of the debt we managed to bury ourselves in we have cut back on a lot of impulsive buys. And no time of the year is more impulsive than the holidays. With so many gifts to buy and the budget tight I have to be careful in what I select, frugal in it’s price and very observant of the quality of the product.

I also have to make sure I have the cash to pay for it. This can be tough, especially when I have specific gifts in mind that are just out of my cash allowance but can be saved for.

But I really want to make sure these gifts are available when I can pay for them…

Happily, Sears has just announced its Christmas layaway program. Beginning November 14 and running through December 23 you can put down $15 or 20% (whichever is greater) and have those perfect gifts on “hold”; to be sure they are in stock.

You’ll want to check the Sears Layaway rules for all the info but the fees seem reasonable to me ($5 layaway fee).

None of the items I have picked out for my family are all that expensive on their own, but to buy them at the same time would take more cash than I have now. With layaway I could buy Doug the Craftsman Clean & Carry Wet/Dry Vac (handy for indoors and out!), Brenna a new winter coat (complete with mittens and scarf!) and Caelan (since the poor girl gets hand-me-downs and garage sale clothing) a new outfit with her (current) favorite character: Dora!

Layaway is making a come-back and is a great option for cash-spending families like mine!



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