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Here's the Box. And Here's Me Thinking Outside It

>> Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last Friday I went shopping for the ingredients to make this wonderful Coconut Croissant Bread Pudding (yes, you should click the link, it's a fabulous recipe). As the name of the recipe implies I needed croissants.

There were no croissants in the bakery! What to do?

I checked the bread aisle... Nuthin'.

I checked the frozen food aisle... A 4 pack cost $4 and they were small and I wasn't about to spend $8 on frozen croissants.

I had resigned myself to driving across town and entering every store until I found big, flaky croissants.

Sighing about the wasted time I made my way back to the dairy section, passing the deli meats. Where they make sandwiches... Some on croissants...

So I asked the guy at the meat counter if he could sell me 6 croissants. Which he did- for 50 cents each.

If I may illustrate... Badly as I am not a good artist with pen and paper and even less of one with paint...


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