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Here Birdie, Birdie!

>> Monday, November 03, 2008

The girls spent the night with their grandma this weekend. Which we all enjoy. When they come home they are full of tales of adventure and excitement. (OK, it’s usually trips to the park or helping grandma with one of her volunteer projects, but still, it’s exciting.)

I also get to hear about all the birdies that visit grandma’s birdfeeders. In the summer there are hummingbirds, little orioles and bright green finches. In the winter the cardinals visit. The girls really enjoy watching the birds so last fall we tried the old stand by of peanut butter in pinecones. It wasn’t a very successful experiment.

Last summer my dad moved and he had some tall hooks for birdfeeders. So now I have the hooks. And a place to put them- right outside the front window. Now I just need the birdfeeder…

Because winter brings wild birds I’m checking out the options over at Birdfeeders.com. There are 11 pages of wild birdfeeders alone! I really like this gazebo style birdfeeder:

It’s “fly through” design means that the girls could see the birds no matter where they perch. I suppose if we’re going to put one up I had better get the hooks into the ground before it freezes! Otherwise it will be just another good idea that I didn’t do…


The Fritz Facts 7:13 PM  

We have bird feeders out year round, both at home and at the cabin. The winter birds love it, and will stay there for long periods of time. That is perfect for little ones, since they are not startled as easily.

susanwolfe 5:50 PM  

You might want to get one that holds more seed. You'l be refilling this one every 5 minutes. WalMart usually has a good selection at good prices.

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