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Consider Kmart

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

Every year the holidays roll around and I begin cooking – more than usual. We usually host at least one large family event – and often host one party for friends. Whenever I am cooking for more than half a dozen people I find myself wanting new cookware. What I have is old, mismatched and not really handy for cooking for large groups.

Of course I don’t have the cash to just go out and buy the cookware I want. Or the roaster that would free up oven space. Or even the décor that my house is sorely lacking.

I can save for all these things, of course, but the money always seems to find another use. So I have begun considering the Kmart Layaway option. It’s like a forced savings plan that I can’t get at.

Kmart has been doing a lot to revive it’s reputation. With Martha Stewart adding her name to it’s line of housewares, great brands like Hamilton Beach, Anchor Hocking and Farberware the selection of brands speaks of quality. And the new “Mr. Blue Light” is pretty hip, too. Besides, who doesn’t want to save money right now?

From housewares to electronics to decorations for the holidays you can find it all at Kmart. Give Mr. Bluelight a try- he may just become your favorite holiday character this year!

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Sincerely Iowa 12:34 PM  

We used to do all of our Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart for YEARS (for all 4 kids) because of their layaway program. Once they got rid of it, we stopped doing on our Christmas shopping there.

Kmart is going to get a LOT of business this holiday season from people looking for lawayay - like US!

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