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A Bit Offensive?

>> Friday, November 07, 2008

I got this ad in my inbox today. It's a legit ad for a real credit card.

First Presidential Black credit card.

So, I ask ya... Offensive?


Jill 2:05 PM  

And perfect for the target audience!

Anonymous 4:00 PM  

Uncalled for.

If this was turned around, it would be a huge story all over the news about how racist it is ... and demand that it be taken away.

Ya know ... racism works both ways ... people seem to forget that. And while I am the furthest thing from a racist ... I do find it ... like I said ... uncalled for.

Sally 5:16 PM  

Just a tad...offensive, that is.

have you heard about all these parents naming their newborns Barack now?? I think they'll be regretting in the years (or maybe days or weeks) to come.

Anonymous 5:17 PM  

It is my day to be shocked. First pamibe posted a picture of the sunsentinal on line and it had a s.x ad on the front page... which would NEVER be allowed in print and now this. I need to go dig a deeper hole to hide in right now.

The Fritz Facts 5:32 PM  

That is just plain wrong. Rubs me wrong.

Heidi @ Trendy Dollar 10:04 PM  


lila 6:11 AM  

Jody--I heard about this on the news. Seems spammers went to work infecting machines right after Obama won.

"US president-elect Barack Obama, who was swept into the White House on a wave of popularity, has turned out to be even more popular with spammers
and virus attackers. Cybercriminals are seeking to capitalise on the results of the closely-watched historic election with mass malicious email campaigns."

Sincerely Iowa 6:27 AM  

Yes, that's just sad. Offensive, and sad.

But we all know that credit card companies are SNAKES, right? Nothing they do would surprise me. They are trying EVERYTHING to lure in customers.

Anonymous 9:12 AM  

I think if I was a black person, I would be offended, because it is trying to use my race to attract me and it assumes I don't want my credit checked to get a credit card.

Paula Reece 10:03 AM  

Can we expect anything less from those unethical credit card companies? Two words: Low. Class.

Ginny 5:56 PM  

Yep, just a bit. Before I saw the picture, I was thinking how can it be. Now that I see the ad though, ugh!

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