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First Day to a Habit

>> Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sometime before 3 am the dog began barking. I was doing my best to ignore him (knowing full well that I would be picking up hard turd balls from the floor- he's old and prone to little accidents) when Doug got up to let him out. Thanks hon!

Then, a bit closer to 4 am the air pressure in the house changed and our bedroom door slammed shut.

A few minutes later I looked at my clock- 4 am on the dot.


At 4:38 am I got out of bed and hit my treadmill for half an hour. Which was more than enough. I had spaghetti legs by the time I finished. Tomorrow- the weight machine!

Then I had almost a full hour until I heard tiny steps in the living room. Brenna was awake (before 6am). She came down and "worked" on her computer while I got packages ready to send out to my contest winners.

Doug came down about 6:30, fully showered and ready for work- and thinking it was 7:30. He hadn't set his clock back yet!

And Caelan was up by 7am.

I predict a good quiet time around 12:30 this afternoon. Which will be much appreciated as I am so far behind on so many things I need the catch up time!


Paula Reece 10:07 AM  

Dang--you were more productive before 7 a.m. than I am by the time I go to bed! Good for you! I had high hopes of getting up earlier with the time change. Nope. I've been a big fat loser. Emphasis on the word FAT.

By the way, you and Doug looked so regal at the costume party!

The Fritz Facts 8:47 PM  

I loved the costumes!!

I hate the mornings when I am up way to early. Who am I kidding...I never get up early.

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