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Which was worse

>> Friday, November 05, 2004

If I were to ask you which day was worse September 11th, 2001 or November 2nd, 2004, what would you say? That question has been asked and answered at the DU.

I disagree with them on almost every point in the comments section. I think a firm response to terrorists, taking the fight to terrorist supporters [the Taliban and Saddam], and building democratic institutions in Afghanistan and Iraq make America and the world safer. As a consequence of our actions, Libya gave up WMDs without bloodshed, North Korea went back to negotiating, Pakistan has turned from supporting the Taliban to fighting al Qaeda, and Iranian and Syrian students are agitating for more freedoms. It is in our best interests to raise those countries to our levels of prosperity and freedoms.

There is still work to do.

  • State sponsored religous murder is still happening in the Sudan.
  • The Arab Palistinians need to be granted self-determination. Once granted, other Arab countries need to recognize Israel's right to exist.
  • Terrorists in Georgia [the country not the US state] and Chechnya need to be stopped.
  • Saudi Arabia has started self-determination on a small scale. More needs to be encouraged, but let them go at their own pace. Remember it took over a hundred years to get full sufferage in the US.
  • Our borders [from user comments] need to be secured to protect us from future attacks and protect against the erosure of freedoms and services because of illegals.

What have I missed?


Lars 12:43 PM  

That's really sad that people think a presidential election where their guy didn't get into office is worse than a terrorist attack on our country killing 3,000 instantly by flying freakin' planes into our buildings...

Sara 6:03 PM  

Interesting...and disturbing.
I say that 9-11 is far more important and depressing, scarier, more unknown.

ric ottaiano 10:06 PM  

Just more fever-swamp musings...these folks have never understood the nature of evil and never will because that concept does not fit within their relativistic frame of reference

Bubbi 7:02 AM  

More work to do:
Accountability at the UN.

Doug Halsted 12:37 PM  

Bubbi, you are exactly right. The dictators and despots have way too much influence in the UN. My personal belief is that free countries play by the rules while people like Saddam use the UN to do their bidding with a few (billion) well placed dollars.

Here’s an idea, the UN headquarters should be moved to where they can do the most good. This year, I think the Sudan and Côte d'Ivoire take top honors.

Tony Mc 1:38 AM  

How easily people forget.
How are things in Ankeny? Just to let you know you have a 'Leaning Right' friend in Cedar Rapids.
Keep up the support.
Tony Mc

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