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Visiting Day

>> Friday, November 19, 2004

First I just want to say that my wedding ring fits again!!! Yippee!! The worst part of the water gain with pregnancy was not being able to wear my wedding band. I was sure people thought I was an unwed mother.

Brenna and I went visiting today. I took her to the Metro Market to meet Kim Chase from WOW FM's noon show. I met Kim about 6 weeks ago. A previous caller had mentioned a couple of books that we happen to own and I offered to let Kim borrow them. She came by the house, met Toby and the Brenna bump.

We also had the great pleasure of meeting Meritt. She recently moved to the Des Moines area and, as I have really enjoyed her blog, I looked forward to meeting her. I wasn't disappointed. I had a great time talking with her. Her kids are gorgeous. I look forward to getting to know her better.

Brenna was an absolute doll at the market. She slept most of the time we were there, waking up to eat shortly before we left. Meritt cuddled her a bit while I warmed a bottle. Nothing cuddles like a new baby. **sigh**

After we left the market we went to visit a company where I used to work. Brenna was treated like visiting royalty. Everyone had to hold her. She was awake for this visit and enchanted everyone she met. Of course.

And tonight we have family visiting. More cuddling for our little princess.

And they have arrived...

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