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NPR Bias

>> Thursday, November 04, 2004

I know the title of this post is a given, but hey, I have yet to drink my first cup of coffee. I'll be witty once my brain cells have been fed.

I listen to NPR on the way into work each morning. It's usually good for a few laughs as they try to explain free markets or our republic form of government.

Today was no exception. It was time for the market reports even though the market had just opened. I guess the whole point was to say that, "The market rally celebrating George Bush's re-election ended today as the market opened lower based on unemployment reports." Later in the report we get; "The DOW is unchanged", "The S&P 500 is unchanged", and the "NASDAQ is unchanged". So if all of the leading indicators are unchanged, why characterize the market as down? Also, weren't 175,000 new payroll jobs created in October? Wouldn't news like that increase market activity? Ah the joys of "progressives" trying to explain the markets, especially when the point of the segment was to backhand the economy.

Here's an idea for the next segment, a story about the armies of homeless in an America where 70% of all Americans own their own home (a new record), a record number of people are employed, and the misery index (unemployment X interest rate) is at historic lows.


Angela 10:09 AM  

Try explaining all this to our liberal friends on the left. I actually have a "friend" that has totally blamed her family's employment situation on President Bush. This sickens me because she is not representative of the entire country. What REALLY bugs me is that the President of the United States no matter who is in office has never ever kept me from holding a job. I believe people are unwilling to work and think they are above doing odd jobs until the right one comes along. Today I am fortunate enough that I have the oppourtunity to stay home and raise my children. I realize how blessed and fortunate that I am and if there comes a time when I have to work then I will find a job. Nobody can keep me from working if I choose to work. It's that simple. I do have a question... did they ever call Iowa? Iowa is the ONLY state that I don't have statistics for and I've based all my numbers on this map over on fox news. Will you let me know if Iowa went to Bush or Kerry? My prediction is that it went to President Bush.

Doug Halsted 11:03 AM  

I don't know if all of the absentee ballots have been counted yet, but here's the results from 2:41pm on Wed Nov 3rd.

Democratic: 732,138

Republican: 745,929

Constitution: 1,313

Iowa Green: 1,115

Libertarian: 2,918

Socialist: 373

Nader: 5,864

Bill Van Auken: 161

Write ins: 659

Total Votes: 1,490,470

Angela 12:40 PM  

Thank you for those statistics Doug. I'll check back with you to find out about Iowa. I don't want to miss reporting on who the state went to. Know what I mean? :)

ric ottaiano 1:55 PM  

Oops!!! The Dow is up about 140 points. Must be backlash to the backlash.

Sara 7:17 PM  

Doug, I am not sure I really understand your post today. I agree, first of all, that NPR has a liberal slant...and I am a liberal. But, aren't they reporting stats and facts when they report the markets? Maybe I am missing something.
Oh, and please, don't jump all over me with facts and stats trying to prove your point. I am just a simple blogger who reads your blog and enjoys the thoughts and ideas of everyone in Blogland.
One time I commented on a site where I shared that I was a liberal and within one hour, I received two emails from the writer justifying and chastising me for my beliefs.

Steers and Queers 7:27 PM  

Why the fuck do you listen to NPR if you don't like it?

George W. Bush is a fuckin douschebag. If NPR says that, maybe it's true.

- Super Waco

Jen H 8:32 PM  

Wow Wacko. Nice language. If you're going to call someone a name, you could at least spell it correctly. I think we are just going to have to accept that MOST of the media has a liberal slant. Fortunately, most of America has chosen to be a bit more conservative. Look, everyone has a right to their own opinion, but you do not need to call names and swear. It makes you sound uneducated (to put it politely).

Jen H 8:32 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Doug Halsted 10:11 PM  

Sara, thanks for being civil. Like you I find the rants from both extremes annoying.

To answer your question, NPR did later report facts and figures. However, the facts didn't match up with the earlier statement, "The market rally celebrating George Bush's re-election ended today as the market opened lower based on unemployment reports."

When they delivered the facts, the market had just opened and had little time to move one way or the other and thus all indicators were “unchanged”. It was just a cheap commentary that was wrong on two facts. First, all leading indicators indicated no movement and second, the job numbers for October were pretty good as 175,000 new payroll jobs were created [3,682,000 more people working now than in January 2001].

The point I very poorly made is that the opinion stated subtly and obliquely at the front end of the report made them look silly, even to people who don’t follow the markets. As a 4th grade teacher (did I get that right), I bet you have stocks, bonds or mutual funds in your 401(k). That makes you an investor, just like 1/2 the nation and 70% of all voters.

Angela 11:16 AM  

"Oh, and please, don't jump all over me with facts and stats trying to prove your point."

Heaven forbid that people use real time facts and truthful statitics to back up the point they are attempting to make.

I suppose we should embrace liars such as Michael Moore that support terrorists such as Saddam and OBL.

Windjammer 11:30 AM  

That Steers and Queers nutjob is a real winner. And whatever you do, don't click on his name, and go to his page, for you will see a whale of a man sitting naked at his computer. I only say this because you are going to look. The morbid curiosity is going to consume you until you see with your own eyes. Like a trainwreck, you will all be intrigued to see the guy who I believe was the stand-in for the dead fat guy from the movie Seven. Excuse me while I rinse my eyes out with Chlorox and ammonia.

Sara 5:58 PM  

You just did exactly what I don't like about political discussions...right or left.
Why can't people be nice? Why can't people state their opinions without sarcasm, snide remarks, and trying to make people feel stupid.
I checked out your blog and that is what you are all about. You want to share your opinion. Awesome. I love it. Even when I don't agree. I just was sharing with Doug that I misunderstood his post. Then I asked DOUG not to lambast me with an email with tons of facts because that wasn't my question. Thanks, Doug, for understanding what I was asking. You did a great job responding to my comment.
I think Republicans would appreciate a person like me who disagrees with their point of view, but is respectful and positive. Isn't that President Bush is asking of us...to come together and work together. Let's end the meanness.

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