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>> Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Well, President Bush has been unredefeated [stolen from Instapundit]. If you were in a position to hold the ear of the President, what would you recommend for the next four years? For those that don't agree with some of the President's policies, that's okay. What would you realistically say if you had a sit-down meeting with President Bush.

Keep it positive and let us know what you would ask the President to do.


Jen H 3:19 PM  

I have already sent messages to each of my newly elected and re-elected representatives today. I would ask that our borders be held firm. I truly believe that people should be allowed to enter the U.S. LEGALLY. Those who are here illegally should not benefit from our public schools, welfare system, voting privileges and health care systems. They should be required to make the necessary concessions for entry. And learning English should be first on the list of MUST DO items.

I would like to see voting reform. The amount of money each candidate is allowed to spend is ridiculous. Taxpayer money should in no way be used to fund election campaigns. And 527's should be outlawed. There's enough mudslinging without them.

I would like to see this country come together as we did after September 11. We have common causes; we just see the remedies differently.

Brett Rogers 5:15 PM  

#1 - Push very hard for the ownership society
#2 - Close our leaky borders
#3 - ID every voter to eliminate voter fraud
#4 - Tax code reform
#5 - Tort reform

Jody 5:34 PM  

Wow, very impressive responses. I would only add that our schools need to be handled at a local, rather than a national, level. While I agree with holding schools responsible and with testing, I think the best people to do that are the people who utilize the schools.

I agree with both open enrollment and vouchers. Sub-par schools should lose students, as well as money, if they don't measure up.

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