"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." ~ Benjamin Franklin

What price for safety?

>> Thursday, November 11, 2004

New x ray machines at Heathrow airport in London leave nothing to the imagination.

Apparently the machine can see through clothing, which has a British civil rights group up in arms calling it a "voyeur's charter."

Right now the machine is being tested on volunteers only who don't seem to be offended by the added security.

We flew out of Heathrow in the spring of 2003. I remember that my shoes, which had to be removed in the US because of metal in the soles, were able to be worn through the detectors and our laptop didn't have to be taken out of the case. Differences in safety standards, I suppose.

Personally I would be OK with anything that could make flying safer. Who is looking out for my right to fly in safety? What if I don't want to fly with people who refuse to be thoroughly inspected? Aren't my civil rights being violated?


Don 12:53 AM  

Good point Jody. Also, I ask you, with thousands of people going through those machines daily, how quikly do you think the novelty of seeing through clothes will wear off? About 2 days? It will become mundane to see through clothes for the operator. To tell you the truth, I would walk through naked if it meant I would get to my destination IN ONE piece and not run into a tall building or blown from the sky. I would much rather endure a little embaressment than die. But that is just me.

On a different note, I have met a lot of your fellow Iowans. The 339th MP CO is here with me in Iraq. Great group of men and women, very professional.

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